Israel at 73 by the numbers Independence Day

73 years of Independence (Third Commonwealth)

23,928 fallen fighters

9,140,500 total population (end 2020)

21.0% Arab (within Green Line)

73.9% of Israel’s population on both sides of Green Lin is Jewish (***)

27.9% of the total budget expenditure (how much spent on social welfare)

NIS 21,063 (average monthly income before taxes)

NIS 8,115 (Households of one person average gross monthly money income)

NIS 10,782 (Average Monthly Wages per Employee Job Israeli workers)

355 killed (Casualties in road accidents)

6,312 dead from COVID-10

89% of self-defined Haredim say religion should take precedence over democratic values (*)

65% of self-defined Orthodox say religion should take precedence over democratic values (*)

62% of all Israelis say democratic values should trump religious halacha (*)

37.9% believe religious and democratic values are equally important in the state’s ethos (**)

34.5% say Jewish law should take precedence

26.6 percent say democratic values should take precedence (**)

83.6 percent of those on the Orthodox spectrum say religious law should take precedence over democratic values (**)

18% of Israelis self-define as being on the Orthodox spectrum

23% of Israelis self-define as traditional in their religious practice

34% of Israelis say that what binds them to the country is thousands of years of Jewish history (**)

76.7 percent of those on Orthodox spectrum say what binds them is the Bible

65.9 percent of self-defined right-wing Israelis say the country should spend to encourage diaspora to emigrate

64.8 percent of self-defined left-wingers say Israel should invest in bolstering Jewish identity in the diaspora

66.1% of all Israelis feel the Palestinian Arabs have a lesser claim to the land than the Jews

— 82.5 percent of right-wingers believe this in contrast to 40.3 percent of lent wingers

22.8 percent believe the claims of both sides have equal validity (including 10.7 % of right-wingers)

4,410,052 votes were cast in the March 2021 parliamentary elections (****)

1.6 million went to parties on the Orthodox spectrum

1 million went to Likud (+ 209,000 to Likud breakaway Tikvah)

900,000 votes went to centrist parties

There are 6,772,000 Israeli Jews between the Mediterranean and the River Jordan.

There are 1,916,000 Palestinian-Israeli Arabs;

There are 2,949,246 (July 2021 est.) West Bank Arabs, and 1,957,062 (July 2021 est.) Gaza Arabs.

In other words, about 6.7 million Arabs and 6.7 million Jew sharing the same territory.


(*) Pew 2014 survey

(**) Makor Rishon Yoman supplement in Hebrew April 14, 2021 survey


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